Canna Coco Feed Schedule: Canna Coco A & B Feed Chart and Grow Guide

In this post we’ll show the best Canna Coco A & B feed schedule to grow killer marijuana.  The feed chart below will show you how much Canna A &B to use to deliver the optimal level of nutrients to give your weed plants. Canna Coco A & B can deliver incredible results for novice growers and experts alike, so lets get started.

If you’re looking to learn more about growing marijuana in coco coir, check out our complete grow guide for growing weed in coco coir.

Canna Coco A & B Feed Schedule

We have been having great luck using the “light” feeding schedule from the Canna Coco website.  But we’ve made some adjustments to the basic feeding recommendations that Canna provides based on our experience growing some 8 week indica strains.

The grow guide below is for moderately clean tap water with a start EC of .3; some adjustment may be needed based on your water quality. The amounts shown are based on the needs of supporting four marijuana plants grown in a mix of Canna Coco fiber and 30% perlite in 5 gallon cloth plant containers. You can adjust the amount of water needed based on the size of your grow.

For coco grows you’ll need to supplement your nutrient solution with CalMag Plus or another Calcium and Magnesium supplement. Coco growers frequently run into Ca issues. Learn how to use CalMag plus.

Canna Coco feeding schedule for starting seeds and growing marijuana clones

Feed chart for growing seeds or rooting clones

The following feed chart is for starting weed seeds or rooting clones. Lightly wet the coco medium (too damp won’t encourage root growth). Ph should be 5.8 – 6.0. Use gentle lighting at 24 or 18 hours per day, and if cloning use a humidity dome to allow your young marijuana clones to take in water from the air until their roots form:

Water Canna
Cannazyme Canna
PK 13/14
1 quart 1.33 ml A
1.33 ml B
3.75 ml 700
1/2 gallon 2.75 ml A
2.75 ml B
7.5 ml 700
1 gallon 5.5 ml A
5.5 ml B
15 ml 700
5 gallons 28 ml A
28 ml B
76 ml 700

Canna Coco feeding schedule for weed plants in the vegetative stage.

Feed chart for vegetative growth stage

The feeding chart below is for small plants that have grown roots or for mother plants. After transplanting weed plants to a larger container water heavily and then let the coco nearly dry out before rewatering a few times to encourage root growth.

Roots won’t grow unless they’re reaching to find water, so overwatering early on will prevent your roots from growing as strong which will impact yields later.

Water to 15-20% runoff to prevent nutrient salt buildup. Ph should be 5.8–6.0.

Lighting continues for 18 hours per day during this stage. Once roots are established stronger lights such as Metal Halide can be used. Mother plants will stay on this feeding schedule continuously. The amount of time spent in vegetation will determine the final size, a common rule of thumb is to flip the lights to 12 hours when plants are half the final desired height.

Water Canna
Cannazyme Canna
PK 13/14
1/2 gallon 3.5 ml A
3.5 ml B
3.8 ml 2.5 ml 840
1 gallon 7 ml A
7 ml B
5.5 ml 5 ml 840
2.5 gallons 17.5 ml A
17.5 ml B
19 ml 24 ml 840
5 gallons 35ml A
35 ml B
38 ml 47 ml 840

Feeding chart for Canna Coco nutrients for flowering weed plants.

Feed chart for flowering growth stage

The feeding chart below is used once you switch your lighting to 12 hours per day. Continue to water to 15-20% runoff to prevent nutrient salt buildup. The chart below is based on 5 gallons of water.

Watering frequency depends on plant size, environmental conditions such as humidity and heat, as well as the size of the containers used. For plants in 5 gallon containers, I typically water every other day during veg and once daily in flower. Ph should be 5.8–6.0.

The following chart is based on an 8-week flowering strain. The length of flowering for your specific strain may vary between 6-14 weeks. You’ll need to modify this a bit in that case, and pay attention to the look of the plants instead of just relying on the timeframes shown in parethesis. Same thing with autoflowering strains which begin to flower without requiring the lights to be adjusted from 18 to 12 hours.

Stage Total
PK 13/14
Up to growth stagnation, until appearance of flowers 2
43 ml A
43 ml B
9.5 ml 47 ml 38 ml 980
Buds develop in length, final height achieved 2
56 ml A
56 ml B
9.5 ml 47 ml 38 ml 1190
Development of volume (breadth) of buds 1 64 ml A
64 ml B
9.5 ml 47 ml 28 ml 38 ml 1330
Development of mass (weight) of buds 2
35ml A
35 ml B
9.5 ml 47 ml 38 ml 910
Flush; no nutrients; buds ripen 1
38 ml 210

It’s important to flush marijuana plants during the final 7-10 days of flower. That means stopping using Canna A&B or any other NPK nutrients. If you’re running the full Canna Coco line of nutrients you can continue using Canna Boost during flush with Ph’d water.

Once your weed is ready you’re ready to cut, dry and cure. Learn more about trimming weed, drying it, and how to cure it.

Additional information about how to use Canna Coco Nutrients

The Canna Coco feed schedule above will show you the right amounts of Canna Nutrients you should use. Here’s some helpful info if you’re new to growing weed in coco coir with Canna nutirents:


Canna Coco Feed Schedule: Canna Coco A & B Feeding Chart and Grow Guide
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