What’s the best jar for curing weed?

We’ve spent years searching for the best jar to cure weed.  Here are the best curing jars and storage containers we’ve found.

Most growers understand that properly curing weed in jars after you dry it is critical to produce high-quality buds that taste great and smoke properly. Unsure how to cure marijuana properly? Learn how to cure weed here.

Overall Winner: Anchor Hocking 2.5 Gallon Montana Glass Jar

Our favorite jar to cure weed is the Anchor Hocking 2.5 Gallon Montana Glass Jar. The large size combined with the low price point make it a great fit for curing marijuana. The jar is made of thick glass and has a large capacity. We have been using these jars to cure weed for years with no issues.


  • Low price:
    • These 2.5 gallon Montana Jars used to be sold on Amazon for $25-$30 in the 2.5 gallon size, but recently the price has has jumped considerably. At $60 there’s not as much value but its still a great jar.
    • The 1.5 gallon Montana Jar ($30)  is currently the best curing jar for the money. I prefer the 2.5 because the super-wide mouth makes it easy to gently rustle the buds during curing. But I’d way rather have two of the 1.5 gallon jars for the same cost.
  • Large size: The 2.5 gallon glass jar holds about 10-12 oz. (can vary depending on density of your buds) of weed when filled about 3/4 full.
  • Super wide mouth: You can easily fit your hand in, and the large mouth lets you mix up your buds to avoid wet spots
  • Easy to clean: The glass jar is easy to reach into to scrub, and the lid lets you unscrew the knob and separate the rubber seal for easy cleaning


  • Lid seal: The lid seal is fairly tight but not as perfectly airtight as glass mason jars.  The Anchor Hocking jar’s lid doesn’t leak smell, but the inside rubber seal isn’t completely tight either.  It’s perfect for curing and short- to mid-term bud storage, but for post-curing storage beyond a few months it’s better to get an airtight seal.
  • Not light-proof: Exposure to UV light can impact THC, so you’ll want to keep clear glass jars out of direct sunlight and away from your grow lights. Storing in a cool, dark place is best.

The first couple of times when we bought the 2.5 gallon Montana Jars on Amazon the prices were below $30 range. Most recently they were more like $50-$80, with that price changing every day for a week.

If you can find one under $40 then buy it right away. Above the $50 price point they’re just not worth it, you’re much better going with the more durable stainless steel CVault if you’re looking to spend that much.

Classic Choice: 6-pack of Half Gallon Mason Jars

When you’re choosing a curing jar for weed, you want to balance cost-effectiveness with both performance and ease of use.

The classic half-gallon mason jar has an airtight seal, moderate storage capacity, and a wide enough mouth to allow you to easily insert and remove very large colas. They’re pretty cheap and available at many hardware and craft stores which is nice for people who don’t live near a grow shop.

Note: Online prices for large sized mason jars are a bit more than the local store prices in my area – presumably because they’re a pain to ship.  You can get a pretty decent price on Ball half gallon mason jars on Amazon here if you buy bulk, it’s about $6 apiece if you buy 12.


  • Low price: If you can find them locally they’re very cheap. Not too bad when ordered online in bulk.  But avoid individual bottles on Amazon, they go as high as $25 apiece which is a ripoff.
  • Airtight seal: Mason jars with 2-piece lids are very air tight, great for long-term storage
  • High availability: Can be found in most hardware stores, Walmarts, and places with a canning section.


  • Size: Since you only fill the jars 3/4 of the way when curing, even a tiny grow will need a bunch of these jars. You can fit 2-3 oz per jar, depending on density and bud size.
  • Many jars to burp: Since you have to burp your jars often when curing, having to open a bunch of little jars and stir up the buds is a lot more work than to open one very large jar like the 2.5 gallon sizes. It’s also harder to stir up the buds at the bottom if they’re sticking together than it is in larger containers. Consider a Burp Lids curing kit which eliminates burping and uses a pump to create a vacuum in your curing jars.

  • Not light-proof: Exposure to UV light can impact THC, so you’ll want to keep clear glass jars out of direct sunlight and away from your grow lights. Storing in a cool, dark place is best.
  • Hard to clean: Thin hands will easily fit inside to scrub them. Thicker hands can get stuck. If you do get stuck, apply soapy water to your wrist as you twist the jar off.

Check these links for the cheapest 1/2 gallon jar options we’ve found on Amazon. Sometimes they’re cheaper when you don’t buy from the Ball store.

You can also find 1 gallon jars with tight-sealing plastic lids. The plastic isn’t ideal, but if you’re looking for the best cheap curing jar that’s an option to consider.

Best Choice for Long-Term Storage: CVault Stainless Steel Storage Container

The CVault 2 Liter Storage Container Stainless Steel Humidity Container is an air-tight container that is perfect for curing weed.  They make a variety of sizes that are air-tight and easy to access. They cost a bit more than the glass jars above for comparable sizes, but they will last a long time and can’t break if you drop them.


Airtight seal: The 3 locking clasps on the lid ensure no odor or moisture escapes, so they’re great for stinky buds and for long-term storage after curing.

Large lid opening: Unlike glass jars, the CVault lids are as wide as the container.  This makes it easy to stir your buds up when you burp them.

Built-in storage for humidity packs: The lid contains an area designed to hold humidity packs such as Boveda 62% Humidity Control packs, making it easy to re-hydate overly dried buds. This is also helpful for very long-term storage to ensure your buds don’t dry out and become powder when you grind them.

Durable: No need to worry about pulling shards of broken glass out of your buds after you accidentally drop your glass jar.


Cost: These are made of stainless steel and are much more expensive than similarly-sized glass jar options since a 2-liter CVault container is comparable in size to the half gallon glass jars.

Worst weed curing containers

Sometimes growers just don’t have the option of using glass jars or stainless storage containers. If you absolutely must cure in plastic, you could use:

    • Tupperware containers or large storage totes: Can impart a “plastic” smell which affects taste, but are easily available and smell-proof. But large capacity, low price, and easy availability makes this an option some growers choose.

  • Turkey Bags: Inexpensive and can hold a large quantity.  Smell tends to escape the thin bag though.
  • Freezer bags: For the “use what you have on-hand” grower, these are an easy choice.  Smell can seep through, and many times they don’t completely seal.
  • 5 gallon buckets with lids: Look for food-grade if you go this route, as using a simple Home Depot orange bucket will impart a plastic taste.


While have had lots of success using the 2.5 gallon Anchor Hocking Jars are the best jars to cure weed, we certainly would prefer the CVault containers if price wasn’t an option.  When choosing a jar, look for an air-tight seal, easy access opening, and durability. Avoid using lots of small jars unless you really enjoy spending extra time monitoring them.

What's the best jar for curing weed?
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What's the best jar for curing weed?
We've spent years searching for the best jar to cure weed.  Here are the best curing jars and storage containers we've found.
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