Best 2×4 grow tent setup

In this post we’ll help you get started growing weed in a 2×4 grow tent. We’ll discuss the best 2×4 grow tent setup including all the equipment you’ll need, grow tent features to look for when choosing a tent, and tips to get the most yield out of a small tent.

We’ve grown many runs of cannabis plants in both cheap and mid-priced 2×4 grow tents. The small grow space doesn’t mean you can’t grow killer weed. We’ll review how many plants work best, what to expect for 2×4 grow tent yield, and how to maximize bud density quality. You’ll also learn to set up ventilation and circulation systems in your tent to ensure the proper environment for explosive plant growth.

The techniques discussed below will work regardless of which growing medium you’re choosing. We use coco coir because it provides fast, strong growth, but you can also use soil (the easiest if you’re just learning to grow weed), or any other method including hydroponic mediums such as rockwool, deep water culture, or ebb and flow systems.

Summary: What are the best 2×4 grow tents?

Best overall 2×4 grow tent

Gorilla grow tent 2x4

Gorilla GGT24 tent

Gorilla makes tall, sturdy tents at a premium price point.

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Best mid-priced 2×4 grow tent

AC Infinity 2x4 tent

AC Infinity Cloudline 642 tent

Strong, reliable tent that’s a great value for the money.

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Best cheap 2×4 grow tent

CoolGrows 2x4 grow tents

CoolGrows 24x48x72 tent

A highly rated grow tent under $100, in 72″ and 60″ heights.

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Read below for full reviews on these tents, as well as similar options available at these price points.

2×4 grow tent setup

AC Infinity grow tents use 22mm thick poles.
A solidly built tent will stand the test of time. With 22mm thick poles and heavy duty zippers, AC Infinity 2×4 grow tents the best mid-priced grow tent.

For new growers, buying the equipment for a 2×4 grow tent setup can be done for under $500. If you want an LED grow light you’ll need to spend a bit more, since quality LEDs start around $500+.

2×4 grow tent yield depends a lot upon the quality of the lighting you’re using, and your ability to keep the environment in your tent at optimal growing conditions for weed plants. We’ll walk you through all of that below.

Keeping temperatures low enough in the small space of these tents can be a big issue if you use more powerful lights or have the tent located in a warm room. Your 2×4 grow tent setup will need to have proper exhaust ventilation to ensure you can keep temperatures in check.

Equipment checklist

You’ll need the following equipment to set up your grow tent’s lighting, ventilation, and air circulation systems:

600 watt dimmable HPS/MH lighting fixture set
A 600 watt dimmable iPower HPS/MH lighting set is inexpensive and provides great coverage across a 2×4 grow tent canopy.

If you’re just getting started and not sure how to properly size the equipment to your tent, consider getting a 2×4 grow tent kit.

2×4 tent features

Here are the features to look for when buying a 2×4 grow tent:

A cheap 2x4 grow tent zipper will wear out.
A cheap 2×4 grow tent can get you growing, but the zipper will wear out and you’ll need to patch light leaks with black tape.
  • Duct and cord openings: You need one duct opening at the top of your tent for your exhaust, and two more on the top sides if you plan on running air cooled lights with a separate fan.
  • Ventilation panels with sealable velcro flaps at the bottom are needed for air intake during the vegetative stage. During flowering you’ll need to seal these off and introduce air through a lower vent hole.
  • Zipper panels allow easy access to maintain plants, essential for training and maintenance. A 2×4 grow tent doesn’t need side/rear access, the 2 foot depth lets you reach plants at the far back corners easily. Zippers should be backed with light-proof material.
  • Quality zippers are important — this is the biggest point of failure in cheap tents. When the zipper breaks the tent is useless for flowering since it won’t stay light-proof, so there is value in paying a little more for better zippers. The cheapest 4×2 grow tents tend to have cheap zippers as well,

    so be careful.

  • Sturdy tent poles and connectors provide a firm structure to support heavy grow light hoods and carbon filters. Even cheap 2×4 tents should be able to support your light fixture, exhaust fan, and filter easily. But cheaper tents usually have thinner poles and cheap plastic connectors so the tents are a bit more wobbly than the premium tents.

2×4 grow tent reviews

Here are some reviews of the best 2×4 grow tent models in three price ranges: premium, mid-priced, and cheap.

Gorilla 2×4 grow tent

Gorilla makes two of the best 2x4 grow tents: the standard GGT24 tent and the less expensive LITE 2x4 tent.
Gorilla makes two of the best 2×4 grow tents: the standard GGT24 tent and the less expensive LITE 2×4 tent.

Best 2×4 grow tent: Overall Winner

The Gorilla 2×4 tent is the best 2×4 grow tent you can buy, with a premium price to match. There are two models, the standard GGT24 tent and the cheaper LITE 2×4 tent:

  • The Gorilla GGT24 tent with extension kit features include:
    • 83″ tall
    • 1′ extension kit included, and optional 2′ extension kit is available
    • 19mm pole diameter
    • Thick 1610 canvas
    • Six 11″ ducting ports and two 3″ cord ports
  • The standard Gorilla LITE 2×4 tent is a cheaper version. Features:
    • 79″ tall
    • 16mm pole diameter
    • 210D canvas
    • Six 11″ ducting ports and two 3″ cord ports
    • Optional 1′ extension available
Gorilla uses industrial strength zippers.
Gorilla tents use industrial strength zippers. Watch out for cheap zippers that break easily.

Gorilla tents are very solidly built. Thick interlocking poles form an all-steel interlocking frame for both the GGT24 and LITE models. Durable fabric, double-cinching duct ports, tightly reinforced seals, and industrial-strength zippers make this tent able to stand up to years of daily use.

Gorilla grow tents are the best choice if your grow space can accommodate a tall tent.  They’re the only 2×4 grow tent that can be set up with extensions to give you space if your weed plants stretch unexpectedly, and the extra room allows you to increase the intensity of your light.

The premium quality of Gorilla tents comes at a much higher price point than competitors, so if you’re on a budget check out some less expensive options below.

AC Infinity Cloudline 642

The AC Infinity grow tent is the best mid-priced 2x4 grow tent.
The AC Infinity Cloudline 642 grow tent is the best mid-priced 2×4 grow tent.

Best mid-priced 2×4 grow tent
The AC Infinity Cloudline 642 tent is our pick for the best value in 2×4 grow tents. It’s very solidly built, at nearly half the price of the Gorilla tent. This tent’s dimensions are 48”x24”x72”. 

Features include:

  • Very thick 22 mm diameter poles (thicker than Gorilla’s!)
  • High density 2000D canvas prevents light leaks
  • Diamond mylar amplifies light reflectivity
  • Features controller mounting plate with no light-leak cable passthrough.
  • Double-cinching vent openings

We’ve used a variety of AC Infinity products over the years and have been very happy with them. We checked out their 2×4 tent at a local hydro shop and were impressed with the overall stability construction. The pole thickness supports 150 pounds hanging from the ceiling, it’s very sturdy. The zippers seemed like they’d hold up to lots of daily use.

We use a 2×4 tent for vegetation and drying weed plants. When it comes time to replace it, this AC Infinity Cloudline 2’x4′ will be the unit we choose. It costs a little more than the absolute cheapest grow tents, but it’s a much better value due to the overall quality and stability.

Spider Farmer Grow Tent

Spider Farmer 28" x 55" x 80" grow tent is larger than a standard 2x4 tent.
The Spider Farmer 28″ x 55″ x 80″ grow tent is larger than a standard 2×4 tent.

33% more canopy than standard 2×4 tents

This Spider Farmer tent measures 28″ x 55″ x 80″, a bit larger than a standard 24″ x 48″ tent. It has 33% more canopy area, so you’ll get 33% more yield for the same amount of effort. If your space allows for it, the larger tent is well worth it. You could put two grow lights in here to really maximize bud development.

Features include:

  • Pro-grade grow tent from Spider Farmer-Easy control of light and temperature to create the best growth surroundings for your beloved plants
  • Thick 1680D Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar
  • The metal frame is made from hardened steel
  • Heavy Duty SBS zipper

Spider Farmer recommends that you pair this tent with their SF 2000 LED grow light.  This LED is a dimmable 202 watt light with high quality Samsung LM301B diodes.  For a cheaper lighting option, you could also pair this tent with a 6oo watt HPS/MH air-cooled light fixture.

If you’re a new grower and need to buy all of your equipment to set up your 2×4 grow tent, consider getting the Spider Farmer 47″ x 24″ x 71″ complete grow tent kit, which includes the SF 2000 LED, 4″ ventilation fan and filter, and everything else you need to start growing weed plants.

Mars Hydro 2’x4’x6′

The Mars Hydro 4x2 grow tent.
The Mars Hydro 2x4x6 grow tent fits well in areas with short ceilings.

Best 2x4x6 grow tent for short ceilings

The Mars Hydro 2x4x6 tent measures 24″ x 48″ x 71″ and is very highly rated. Coming in just under 6 feet tall, this is a great choice if you have short ceilings and want a quality mid-priced tent.

It allows you to top-vent your exhaust fan and use the side duct openings for a separate fan to air-cooled HPS/MH lighting. Features include:

  • Diamond mylar lining with double stitched 1680D canvas
  • Metal corner adapters and poles
  • Heavy-duty metal zippers with double layer black lining
  • Two 6″ side duct openings, one 8″ top duct opening, and two 3″ cord openings

This tent pairs well with the Mars Hydro TSL 2000W LED grow light. This light consumes 300 watts of power and the rectangular shape provides even coverage for the sides of 4×2 grow tents.

Mars Hydro TSL 2000W LED grow light
The Mars Hydro TSL 2000W LED is an affordable choice for 2×4 grow tent lighting.

You could also upgrade to the more expensive Mars Hydro SP6500 LED, a 650 watt light that delivers more than 2x the power to up to a 3×5 flowering area. The extra intensity will dramatically increase yields.

In general if you’re looking to use LEDs then go with the most expensive one you can afford. The extra yield will make it worth it.

If you need to buy a full tent setup, the Mars Hydro 2x4x6 grow tent is available as part of a complete tent kit with a 300 watt TSL 2000 LED grow light.

Best cheap 2×4 grow tent under $100

CoolGrows 48x24x72 grow tent
CoolGrows makes two highly-rated cheap 2×4 grow tents under $100: The 72 inch tall and the 60 inch tall models.

If you’re looking to grow weed as inexpensively as possible there are a bunch cheap 2×4 grow tents under $100 to consider:

A cheap 2×4 grow tent is great if you need a second tent for cloning and vegetation so you can run a perpetual harvest cycle where you always have new plants ready to flower. Cheap tents are good for mother plants as well.

If you’re planning to use it for propagation or vegetation you don’t need it to be lightproof. Which is good, because these tents aren’t. Make sure to repair light leaks, especially around seams. Zipper light leaks are harder to fix. Don’t put duct tape on your closed zipper, it will make the pull stick and break easier.

The zippers and overall quality on cheap 2×4 tents aren’t great, so they may not stand up to repeated daily zipperings. When the zipper goes, the tent is pretty much useless.

2×4 grow tent kits

If you’re just getting started growing cannabis and need to buy all of the equipment but aren’t sure what to get, consider a tent kit. The best 2×4 grow tent kits have everything you need to start growing weed (although the included LED lights for most kits seem a bit underpowered to reach the edges of the canopy).

Want to learn more?  Check out our guide to selecting the best 2×4 grow tent kit.

Spider Farmer 2×4 Grow Tent Kit

The 2x4 grow tent kit from Spider Farmer has a dimmable 200 watt LED light.
The 2×4 tent kit from Spider Farmer has a dimmable 200 watt LED grow light.

The Spider Farmer 2×4 grow tent kit is 72″ tall with solid construction and high quality zippers. Features include:

  • Dimmable SF 2000 LED grow light with Samsung LM301 diodes that consumes 200 watts
  • 4″ inline fan, carbon filter and ducting
  • Timer, thermometer/hygrometer, light hangers, and trellis net included

This kit comes with a Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED light. Its rectangular shape provides nice light coverage to the ends of 2×4 tents.

We’ve used a bunch of Spider Farmer products over the years and they are of good quality for the price.

Check out our guide to 2×4 grow tent kits to learn more.

2×4 grow tent lighting 73

Using a quality grow light is one of the most important considerations when planning a 2×4 grow tent setup. There are a few options available for 2×4 grow tent lighting, and the best option for you depends on your budget and how you intend to use the tent.

Mars Hydro SP3000 LED grow light
The Mars Hydro SP3000 LED grow light is a 300 watt dimmable fixture that provides good light coverage to 2×4 tent corners.

LED lighting

LED grow lights for 2×4 tents are more expensive than other options, so they’re not ideal if you’re trying to outfit your tent without spending a lot. But LED technology has come a long way in the past few years, and prices have dropped while quality keeps improving.

The best LED light for 2×4 grow tent use will be able to provide enough light intensity at the far edges of the tent to ensure strong bud development.

Advantages of LEDs:

  • LEDs produce less heat than HPS/MH lights, which is helpful in small tents
  • Light quality and spread leads to quality bud development
  • Lower long term energy costs and no need to replace expensive bulbs yearly like with HPS/MH
  • Rectangular designs can deliver better light spread to the corners of a 2×4 grow tent.
Mars Hydro SP3000 LED grow light intensity chart
This chart shows Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD, the amount of usable light that reaches the crop canopy). Notice how it’s reduced at the corners of 2×4 tents.


  • Price: The best LEDs for 2×4 grow tent use are expensive, and you get what you pay for
  • Cheap LEDs use low quality diodes and consume less power, delivering underwhelming results when flowering weed plants. Many cheap units can be used for clones, seedlings, and vegetation.
  • Manufacturers ALWAYS stretch the truth on grams-per-watt yield.
    • Lower power consumption means less yield. Pay attention to the light’s actual energy consumption versus the manufacturer’s claims of efficiency.
    • A $200 LED that uses less than 200 watts of power can’t possibly be a true “1000 watt HPS replacement” as advertised.

Investing in a good LED is expensive, especially if you are a new grower and need to buy all of your equipment.

If you’re considering buying a 2×4 grow tent lighting as part of a complete grow tent kit, pay attention to the quality and the wattage of the LED. Some 2×4 LED tent kits offer lower quality lighting to keep prices down. TO maximize yield, you would be better off buying the same components separately along with the best LED light for 2×4 grow tent use that you can afford.

HPS/MH lighting

iPower dimmable 600 watt cool tube fixture with MH and HPS bulbs
The dimmable iPower 600 watt cool tube set with MH and HPS bulbs costs under $200, half the cost of a decent LED.

High pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lighting is great if you’re looking to set up your tent as cheaply as possible. Use HPS for flowering weed plants and MH for vegetation.

Conventional wisdom is that a 400 watt HPS is sufficient for 2×4 tents. We’ve found that this works ok for vegetating plants, but to get good light spread and penetration for flowering you really need a 600 watt HPS.

A 600 watt air-cooled fixture will increase 2×4 grow tent yield dramatically, with dense, frosty buds at the tent corners. We recommend getting a dimmable 600 watt unit which lets you reduce the amount of light (and heat) which is helpful when things get too hot in there.

The Vivosun 600 watt dimmable High Pressure Sodium land Metal Halide ight set
The Vivosun 600 watt dimmable grow light set costs just slightly more than iPower’s set.

Advantages of HPS/MH lighting:

  • Strong light intensity produces dense, quality bud growth and yield
  • Low price point which is great for new growers
  • Dimmable fixtures let you reduce energy use and heat levels when needed


  • Heat:
    • The main drawback of HPS/MH lighting in a 2×4 tents is the heat they produce
    • Use an air-cooled lighting hood and ensure adequate ventilation to maintain proper temperature
    • Avoid using HPS/MH in a 2x4x5 grow tent setup, (or other short tents). Heat will be an issue, and you can’t maintain proper distance from the light to your plants’ canopy as plants stretch.
  • Long-term costs
    • A 600 watt HPS uses 2x the energy most LEDs for 2×4 tents
    • Bulbs need to be replaced every year
  • Cooling the fixture may require a second inline fan
Vivosun 600 watt HPS bulbs need to be replaced every year.
These Vivosun 600 watt HPS bulbs are a low cost option, but you’ll see increased yield and quality if you buy premium bulbs.

When considering 2×4 grow tent lighting options, keep in mind the long-term cost of ownership. Over a 5 year span, energy and bulb replacement costs for HPS easily offset the higher purchase price of the LEDs. But if you’re looking to start growing weed in a 2×4 tent as inexpensively as possible, HPS and MH are the way to go.

You can get by with cheap bulbs in the $15–$25 range, such as the Vivosun or iPower bulbs. If you’re looking to improve bud quality and yield, the improved light spectrum of premium bulbs such as Eye Hortilux, Ushio, or Gruotvszak is a worthwhile upgrade. Like most growers we started out using the cheap ones and then upgraded over time.

You’ll need to address heat produced by HPS/MH lighting. Check out some tips on how to set up grow tent ventilation to improve your exhaust and intake systems. This article also discusses how to set up a single inline fan to both cool the light fixture while also exhausting tent air.

CFL/T5 fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent bulbs such as 125 watt CFL grow bulbs or T5 bulbs are a good 2×4 grow tent lighting option if you’re setting up a vegetation tent, for, clones, or for mother plants.

The HydroFarm Agrobrite CFL grow light uses 125 watts and is perfect for propagation or vegetating small weed plants.
The HydroFarm Agrobrite CFL grow light uses 125 watts and is a perfect low-heat solution for propagation or vegetating small weed plants.

Benefits of CFL/T5 lighting:

  • They don’t produce a lot of heat
  • Can be placed very close to the canopy they don’t require a lot of vertical space.
  • Inexpensive lighting solution for seeds, clones, vegetation, and mother plants


  • Limited light intensity and usable light for plants
  • Minimal light penetration
  • Can’t be used for flowering
  • Slower, less robust growth
  • Bulbs need annual replacement
The Durolux 8-lamp T5 lighting fixture is 4 feet long.
The Durolux 8-lamp T5 lighting fixture is an inexpensive T5 measuring 46.5 x 18 x 2.5 inches.

CFL grow bulbs and T5 fluorescent  are great for short tents, such as a 2x4x5 grow tent setup. They’re gentle enough for young plants, and are useful if you want to make a 2×4 vegetation tent or mother tent.

Avoid using fluorescent lighting to flower weed plants. They just don’t produce enough usable light to bring out the genetic potential of your plants. Buds will be wispy and underwhelming. You’re better off running an HPS. Don’t waste 2 months flowering a plant to be disappointed, get a better light to start with and you’ll be much happier with the results.

Good CFL and T5 brands to consider include:

The Vivosun 4 foot T5 fixture uses six bulbs.
This Vivosun 4 foot T5 fixture uses six bulbs. Also available in 8 bulb and 4 bulb models.
  • The Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDG125D is a 125 watt CFL perfect for small tents.
    • Two of these would cover a 2×4 grow tent nicely for propagation and veg.
    • The light spread isn’t as even as a T5 would be across the width of a 2×4 tent though.
  • The Durolux 2′ x 4′ T5 fixture has 8 bulbs using 432 watts.
    • It provides even canopy coverage across your entire tent. This is an inexpensive T5 option.
  • The Vivosun 8-bulb 2′ x 4′ T5 fixture is a bit more expensive than Durolux.
    • Measuring 47.44″x23.81″x2.36″ it goes right up to the sides of your tent for excellent light coverage. Uses 432 watts.
    • Also available in 4′ six-bulb, 4′ four-bulb, and 2′ four-bulb sizes. Less bulbs means a lower price, at the expense of light coverage.

Avoid using cheap household CFL bulbs to grow weed in a 2×4 grow tent setup. CFLs made for growing plants deliver usable light than household CFLs. If you’re tired of having to replace T5 bulbs yearly, consider LED replacement bulbs. Cheap LED T5s are available in 2-foot and 4-foot lengths, or you can choose premium 4′ lengths.

Remember above all, CFLs aren’t for flowering weed plants. 2×4 grow tent lighting quality matters. You’ll never get great results using fluorescent lighting or inexpensive LED lights in 2×4 grow tents.

2x4 grow tent ventilation setup using a 4" exhaust fan and 6" light fan.
This 2×4 grow tent ventilation setup uses a cheap 4″ Vivosun inline fan and filter for exhaust (right) and 6″ Vivosun fan (left) to cool the lights.

2×4 grow tent ventilation setup

Proper 2×4 grow tent setup will provide plenty of ventilation to remove moisture released through cannabis leaves. Aim to turn over the air in your tent once every minute.

Fans are rated by CFM, how many cubic feet of air they remove each minute. Calculate square footage of your tent to determine proper exhaust rates, remembering that long runs and turns greatly reduce efficiency. Learn how much ventilation your grow tent needs to fine-tune your 2×4 grow tent ventilation setup.

4 inch inline fan recommendations

The AC Infinity S4 four inch inline fan
The AC Infinity S4 is the best 4″ inline fan. For a cheaper option go with the Vivosun 4″ fan or the AC Infinity A4.

You can use a 4″ inline fan and carbon filter for 2×4 grow tent ventilation. Look for inline fans with a fan controller to fine tune airflow. All of these units have enough power to properly ventilate a 2×4 grow tent.

6 inch inline fan recommendations

The AC Infinity Cloudline S6 fan is whisper quiet and very powerful.
The AC Infinity Cloudline S6 fan is whisper quiet and very powerful. For a cheaper option, go with the Vivosun 6″ fan.

Get a 6″ inline fan if you’re planning to use an air cooled lighting hood or a cool tube hood.

Air intake fans

If tent sides suck in a lot you need to increase air intake. In vegetation you can open the lower tent flaps to let cool air in. In flowering you need to seal those flaps, so  you can use a cheap 4″ duct booster fan to bring in fresh air. You may be able to avoid needing an intake fan in your 2×4 grow tent ventilation setup, but a booster fan and a short run of ducting are an inexpensive way to guarantee proper airflow.

AC Infinity 6 inch carbon filter
The AC Infinity 4″ or 6″ carbon filter is a top choice. Vivosun makes cheaper 4″ and 6″ filters that work well.

Make sure all of your ducting runs are as short as possible and avoid lots of bends to maximize efficiency.  Use heavy duty flexible ducting to avoid light leaks.

Carbon filters

You’ll need a carbon filter to scrub odors from exhausted air. A 4″ or 6″ fan and filter combo will get you going.

  • AC Infinity makes great 4″ and 6″ filters.
  • Vivosun makes cheaper filters in 4″ and 6″ sizes that do a good job for less money.
The Vivosun metal 4" inline fan and filter set is a cheap way to set up ventilation in 2x4 grow tents.
The Vivosun metal 4″ inline fan and filter set is a cheap way to set up ventilation. iPower makes a cheaper 4″ set, but the fan isn’t nearly as good.

Learn more about setting up ventilation in 2×4 tents

Proper ventilation is a must to create the optimal environment to grow cannabis plants and to avoid mold issues. Here is some additional info to help you set up your 2×4 grow tent ventilation system:

2×4 grow tent circulation fans

In addition to inline fans for ventilation, you’ll also need to buy fans for air circulation inside of your tent. For best results you want a steady breeze that causes your plants’ leaves to gently rustle.

Hurricane clip fans are cheap and can be used above or below the canopy.
Hurricane clip fans are cheap and can be used above or below the canopy.

This is best accomplished by using two circulation fans, one at the top and a second at the bottom of your canopy. To improve air circulation, make sure to remove lower growth that’s getting minimal light penetration, and defoliate large fan leaves so air can blow through the plant.

Above-canopy fans

Under-canopy fans

Small air circulator fans are your best option for under-canopy circulation, they’re powerful yet inexpensive. We’ve used both of these models were very satisfied with each.

Oscillating fans

  • The 9″ Holmes oscillating table fan is the most reliable small oscillating fan available.
  • Secret Jardin’s oscillating Monkey Fans clip nicely to 2×4 grow tent poles. But mine worked for under a month. Tons of lousy Amazon reviews have similar complaints. Buyer beware.

Learn more about circulation fans

How to check grow tents for light leaks

Grow tent light leaks patched with black gorilla duct tape.
Patch light leaks with black Gorilla duct tape. Regular duct tape isn’t sticky enough to adhere to canvas tents long-term.

Even the best 2×4 grow tents usually have small light leaks. Always test your tent for light leaks by standing inside it with the door shut in a well lit room. Look for pinhole leaks around seams, and cover them with black Gorilla tape to make them light-proof.

Check flexible ducting for light leaks too. Using heavy-duty ducting is a good idea, they’re much more likely to stay light-proof over time. Air-cooled lights are constantly being raised and lowered, increasing the brittleness of the thin foil on cheap ducting. To check ducting for light leaks from ducts, stand in a darkened room while the tent’s grow lights are on. If you see a few specks of light patch them with foil tape, or replace the duct if there are a lot.

Leaks in ducting connecting your filter to your fan will allow smelly tent air to bypass the filter, which will stink up your house.  Heavy duty ducting is always a good choice, you’ll end up needing to replace the cheap stuff if you want a light-proof tent.

How many plants should you grow in a 2×4 grow tent?

Once you’ve gotten your 2×4 grow tent set up you’re ready to start growing. How many plants can you grow? Typically the answer is 2-4 plants. To maximize bud development in small grow spaces you’ll want to train your plants into a flat, even canopy.  In a 2×4 grow tent how many plants you should grow depends on how large you allow them to vegetate to fill that canopy without overcrowding.

Weed plants in a 2x4 grow tent with a Screen of Green setup
Top canopy view of three weed plants with a Screen of Green setup using a trellis net in a 2×4 tent.

We generally flower out three plants at a time in our 2×4 tent using 3 gallon or 5 gallon pots. This is a nice balance of short 3-4 week vegetation time to reach the point where each plant can spread out in a roughly 24″ x 16″ space.

We’ve also had good luck growing two plants at a time in 5 gallon fabric pots, with each getting a 24″ x 24″ area. Four small plants would also work in smaller pots such as 3 gallon.  We like to train plants out using a trellis net attached to a PVC frame in a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup to make sure buds form across the entire tent. Learn how to set up a screen of green.

As long as you fill out the canopy evenly in a 2×4 grow tent you’ll increase bud sites and therefore yield. If plant count isn’t an issue where you live, you could run a Sea of Green (SOG) grow with many smaller plants in tiny containers. Or you could train out one monster plant to cover the entire tent.

Another consideration when evaluating plant counts for 2×4 grow tents is how many plants you’re allowed to grow legally. If you live in an area that allows limited plants you want to do a perpetual grow with as few as four (or even two) plants.

A perpetual harvest is the ideal way to grow weed in 2×4 grow tent setup, you’ll constantly have a fresh supply of tasty buds to smoke. Flower two plants at a time, first taking clones to grow out in a separate location. You’ll always have two new plants ready to swap in once your older plants are harvested.

How much can you yield in a 2×4 tent?

You should expect to yield about 12-16 ounces of weed in a 2×4 grow tent. There are many things you can do to maximize yields. Keep humidity and temperature levels in proper range, use strong lighting, train plants to achieve a flat canopy, dial in nutrient levels, and use proper watering techniques.

Make sure your lights are positioned properly to maximize coverage across your canopy. Learn how the inverse square law applies to grow lights. Indoor growers should lollipop plants to remove lower growth that isn’t receiving light. Proper defoliation can improve lower bud growth which will increase 2×4 tent yield. Try to grow cannabis strains labeled as heavy producers.

Learn more about ways to increase 2×4 grow tent yield.

Watering plants in a 2×4 tent

automated watering system
It’s easy to make an automated watering system using plant watering rings.

If you’re growing in soil, make sure to let soil dry out between waterings. Roots need oxygen, and constantly flooding your roots will harm your plant. This advice doesn’t apply for coco growers, who should water often.

There are a few ways you can water plants in a 2×4 grow tent.

1. Use plant elevators and saucers

The simplest way to do this for soil or coco coir grows is to use a 5 gallon bucket to mix your nutrients and water by hand.  Use 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots that sit elevated on 13″ plant elevators in a 16″ plant saucer to catch the runoff. Suck up runoff with a small shop vac such as the Buckethead vac, a great value that holds a lot of water. Never leave runoff in the tent.

2. Use a 2×4 grow tray

If you’re growing in a tent near a drain, you can automate the runoff removal using a 2×4 grow tray. Use a double threaded bulkhead fitting to connect a drain.

3. Automated watering systems

More advanced growers can use an automated watering system.  You’ll need to purchase a pump, watering rings, drip line and valves, and a few other parts. It is easy to set up, and the convenience of automation will save you hundreds of hours of work.

Check out how to set up a DIY grow tent watering system to learn more about setting up automatic drip watering systems using a 2×4 grow tray.

Drying cannabis plants in a 2×4 tent

Drying weed in a grow tent.
A cheap 2×4 grow tent is perfect for drying weed plants.

The 2×4 grow tent is perfect for drying your weed plants after you harvest. You can hang branches off coat hangers, or run a piece of string across the top end poles. Two 2-foot mesh drying racks can fit in a 2×4 tent as well.

As your plants dry they’ll release moisture in the air. Use a humidity controller for your exhaust fan to maintain a humidity level around 50%. This ensures the optimal range for a slow dry while not risking mold.

You have a few options for humidity controllers, they’re either built into fans or sold as a separate unit.

You’ll want to maintain a light breeze at the bottom of the tent from your clip-on circulation fan to prevent moist pockets of air from forming, but don’t point it right at your buds.

Drying weed plants in a grow tent is a great solution if your ambient room air outside the tent is 50% or dryer. The released humidity will bring that up to the target 50% rH level, and the fan will exhaust as needed to keep it there.

If your room humidity is higher than 50%, you’ll need a dehumidifier outside the tent. You need to be able to introduce air that is dryer than 50% into the tent when the controller kicks on, otherwise you won’t be able to control humidity levels and you risk mold.

Best cheap 2×4 grow tents for drying weed

If you’re just using your tent for drying and don’t need it to be lightproof then you can go with the cheapest 2×4 grow tent options which usually cost under or around $100:

The Ohuhu 2x4 foot tent is a highly ranked cheap grow tent.
The Ohuhu 2×4 foot tent is a highly ranked cheap grow tent.

2x4x5 grow tents can be set up to dry weed easily. Keep lower screened flaps partially opened to allow for air intake, your biggest risk during drying is high humidity levels causing mold.

A cheap 2x4x5 grow tent setup is also good for cloning and vegetation so you can run a perpetual harvest cycle where you always have new plants ready to flower. 2x4x5 tents are good for mother plants as well.

The zippers and overall quality on cheap 2×4 tents aren’t great, so they may not stand up to repeated daily zipperings. Be very careful when opening and closing the main door, using your fingers to prevent the zipper from running into the light-proof flap on the inside of the tent. Never force a cheap zipper.

Summary: Best 2×4 grow tent setup

The best 2×4 grow tent setup will provide lots of light while maintaining a proper environment. 2×4 grow tent yield depends on good light quality and your ability to control temperatures.

New growers can buy equipment separately, or you can get a 2×4 grow tent kit to get everything all in one place.

In a 2×4 grow tent how many plants depends on your needs, but 2-4 plants works well. 2×4 grow tent lighting should provide adequate intensity and light coverage at the tent edges.

We hope you found this information helpful. 2×4 grow tent setup isn’t difficult, but it can be confusing for new growers and there’s a lot of stuff you need to buy. Once you’ve completed setting up your tent you’ll be ready to grow high quality weed plants for years to come.  Happy growing!

The best 2x4 grow tent setup
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