Best 2×2 Grow Tent: Reviews and Tips

Here’s everything you need to know to select the best 2×2 grow tent.

Learn features to look for, top brands to consider, and see reviews for 2×2 grow tents and grow tent kits. We’ll show you what you need to know to grow high quality weed in your new tent.

Our top picks for the best 2x2 grow tents go to Gorilla and AC Infinity.

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 2×2

The Gorilla 2x2 grow tent is the best 24" x 24" indoor grow tentOverall winner: best 2×2 grow tent

The best 2×2 grow tent for weed is the 2 x 2.5 foot Gorilla Grow tent. It comes in two heights:

Gorilla makes the strongest, most durable grow tents in the industry. This tent has large, durable zippers and heavy-duty 1680D tent material, complemented by thick interlocking steel tent poles. While most of their cheaper 2×2 grow tent competitors are short, the Gorilla grow tent line offers taller height options so you can maximize space.

Gorilla tents offer easy-view windows, convenient tool pouches, 10″ double cinching ducting ports, and sturdy waterproof spill trays. Note that even the best 2×2 foot grow tents can have small pinhole light leaks around seams, so cover any you find with black Gorilla tape.

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The AC infinity 2x2 indoor grow tent is a great value for under $100

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 2×2 tent ($90)

Best short 2×2 grow tent

AC Infinity products are usually on the higher end, and AC Infinity Cloudlab 2×2 grow tents are no exception.

The 2×2 AC Infinity CLOUDLAB grow tent measures 23.6”x23.6”x48”. It uses thick 1 inch poles and is much sturdier than cheaper competitors. You won’t need to worry about hanging heavy grow lights, inline fans, and carbon filters.

It is lined with highly reflective 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas. It is meant to grow one or two small cannabis plants at a time.

This tent has two 4″ vent ports, three 6″ vent ports, two mesh vents, an observation window, and a mounting plate on the front for thermometers or other sensors. The zipper is good quality and the inside is lined with a ribbon to block light from coming through.

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Mars Hydro grow tents

Mars Hydro 2×2 grow tents

Mars Hydro makes three similar grow tent options in the 2×2 foot range:

The 24x24 inch grow tent from Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro 24″ x 24″ x 55″ grow tent ($89)

Great cheap 2×2 grow tent under $100

The Mars Hydro 2’x2′ grow tent ($89) comes with 1680D canvas lined with reflective mylar. It’s fairly sturdy. At only 55 inches high you’ll need to use an LED light and keep your plants short to avoid running into space issues.

Mars Hydro makes some pretty good tents. As with any tent, check for light leaks especially around seams and zippers.

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This tent also comes as part of a 2×2 grow tent kit ($349) that includes a 600W full spectrum LED grow light and a 4” ventilation kit with inline fan and carbon filter.

Choose a grow tent with a strong, durable zipper.

This 27x27 inch tent has 30% more canopy space than a 24x24 inch tentMars Hydro 27″ x 27″ x 63″ grow tent ($109)

The Mars Hydro 2.3′ x 2.3′ grow tent offers 30% more canopy space and cannabis yield than their 24″ x 24″ grow tent. If space allows, always go with a slightly larger tent. Training cannabis plants to produce a short, flat canopy lets you maximize bud sites to produce a tent full of big, dense nuggets.

Mars Hydro’s 27″ x 27″ grow tent is 63″ tall. You’ll never regret having a taller tent, this lets you raise your light height if plants stretch unexpectedly in early flowering. It also allows you plenty of room to mount the inline fan and carbon filter above your light, which can be tougher in shorter tents.

If you’re considering a Mars Hydro tent and space allows, we definitely recommend this 27×27 inch model vs. the standard 24×24 inch tent.

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Spider Farmer grow tents

Spider Farmer 2×2 Grow Tent kit

The best 2x2 grow tent kit is this complete indoor kit from Spider Farmer that uses an LED light.Best 2×2 grow tent kit

The Spider Farmer 2×2 Grow Tent kit ($370) comes with an LED grow light and a 4 inch inline fan and carbon filter.  It measures 24” X 24” X 55”.

This tent uses a Spider Farmer SF-1000D full spectrum LED grow light using Samsung LM301 diodes. This LED grow light only uses 100 watts of power though. It’s an entry-level LED that doesn’t produce enough light intensity.

This 2×2 grow tent kit is great for new growers who want a small tent to grow one or two cannabis plants.

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Using a more powerful LED light for a 2x2 grow tent will lead to bigger, denser bud development in your weed plants.

Spider Farmer 28×28 grow tent kit

Spider Farmer also makes a slightly larger 28″ x 28″ grow tent ($110) that is 63″ tall.

This 28x28 grow tent kit comes with a 4 inch inline fan and carbon filter.The extra height comes in handy and you’ll yield about 33% more weed due to the increased canopy space. If you have the room, go with the wider tent.

The 28×28 inch grow tent is also available as a kit with a 4″ inline fan and carbon filter. It’s not a complete 2×2 grow tent kit, you’ll still need to buy the light and other accessories separately.

This 28×28 grow tent pairs with the Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light, but a slightly more powerful light would give better light intensity to bud sites at the edges of your canopy. You could also use an air-cooled 400 watt HPS/MH combo light, but you’ll need to watch out for climbing temperatures.

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Vivosun grow tents

Vivosun 2x2x4 grow tent

The 2x2x4 grow tent from Vivosun is great for growing cannabis mother plants, and small seedlings/clones.The Vivosun 2x2x4 grow tent is 4 feet tall. It is best suited to propagation of clones or seeds, or for the vegetative growth stage of weed plants.

This tent doesn’t offer much height for stretching cannabis plants, so if used for flowering cabbages you’ll need to flip your plants to 12-12 lighting to initiate flowering while they’re still very short. Train them out to grow a nice flat canopy to maximize yield.

Vivosun also makes a 2x2x3 grow tent, which is meant for propagation of marijuana clones and seeds. It’s too short for much else.

Vivosun’s tent construction isn’t as thick as you’d see with some of the more expensive 2×2 tents. Expect to tape up light leaks, and be gentle with those zippers. Like most cheap 2×2 grow tents, the zippers are your most likely point of failure.

Since Vivosun is among the cheapest 2×2 grow tents available, you can’t expect miracles. But given the low price point, it’s a pretty good value assuming you can get a few years of cannabis grows out of it.

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Vivosun LED light for 2x2 grow tent usage.

Vivosun 2×2 grow tent kit

Runner up: best 2×2 grow tent complete kit

Vivosun 2x2 grow tent complete kit has everything you need to get started growing a few small weed plants.The Vivosun 2×2 grow tent kit ($380) comes with everything a new grower needs to plant some marijuana.

The complete grow tent kit contains a VS1000 LED grow light, a ventilation system with a 4 Inch 190CFM Vivosun inline fan, carbon filter, and 8 feet of flexible ducting. It also comes with all the accessories you’ll need: thermometer/hygrometer, a light timer, an elastic trellis to train your plants, light hangers, trimmers, and even grow bags.

This tent is 48 inch tall, but this setup is perfect if you need a 2×2 grow tent for mother plants, cloning, or to vegetate small plants. You can also flower cannabis plants if you can keep them short while training the canopy through the included netting.

The included VS1000 LED grow light used 100 watts of power. Vivosun says that this is the equivalent of a 1000 watt HPS/MH bulb, which is complete nonsense. Always be wary of claims like this when evaluating LED grow lights for 2×2 tent setups.

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iPower 2x2 grow tents

iPower 2×2 grow tent ($56)

Cheapest 2×2 grow tent for clones and seed propagation

Best cheap 2x2 grow tent for weed plant propagation and vegetation.This iPower 2×2 grow tent is probably the cheapest 2×2 grow tent available that’s worth buying. Sure, you may find less expensive options on Amazon, but at this price point you’re paying for the cheapest materials possible and this shows in the workmanship. This tent isn’t great, but if you’re on a very restricted budget it could do the trick.

Like the other 24″x24″x48″ grow tents described above, this iPower tent is best for propagation or vegetating small plants. It also would work well to maintain a small mother plant to use for cuttings. Light leaks aren’t really a factor for those situations.

Don't expect this iPower grow tent zipper to be lightproof.
Don’t expect iPower zippers to be lightproof.

But if you plan to use this or any other cheap 2×2 grow tent for flowering, make sure to be diligent when checking for light leaks. Stand inside the closed tent in a brightly lit room and inspect the seams and zipper areas carefully. Patch with black Gorilla tape.

The product description proclaims this tent is “99% lightproof.” What the actual fuck? They don’t even try to pretend it’s constructed well enough to be fully lightproof, which is pretty much the reason people would buy a grow tent in the first place. But it’s half the price of the Gorilla or AC Infinity tents for a reason.

We’ve used a bunch of iPower products over the years and had decent luck with both the fans and light fixtures and ballasts in terms of longevity considering that they’re usually cheaper than most competitors. But if you’re looking to flower weed in a tent that will hold up for repeated growth cycles for weed plants, you may want to keep looking for a 2×2 grow tent that is a little better constructed.

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The best 2×2 grow tent features to consider

Make sure you look for these tent features when choosing a 2×2 grow tent:

  • Duct and cord openings:
    • Make sure the tent you choose has enough duct openings. Up top you’ll need one for your exhaust duct, and two more if you plan on running air cooled lights with a separate fan. Having a lower duct opening allows you to bring in fresh air to offset the air removed through your ventilation fan.
    • Note: it is possible to use a single duct opening for both light cooling and exhaust on the same fan. But the best light for a 2×2 grow tent is an LED since they have less heat output. If you’re using an LED you’ll just need one duct opening at the top of your tent.
  • Ventilation panels
    • Panels with sealable velcro flaps at the bottom are important for air intake in 2×2 grow tents, you should have at least two on the bottom sides. Having a duct opening down low is helpful for air intake too since you’ll need to seal those panel flaps to make the tent airtight for flowering.
  • Zipper panels
    • Zipper access to the sides is needed to allow easy access to maintain plants.
  • Quality zippers
    • Zipper quality really matters. Look for heavy duty zippers that will hold up after years of daily usage. When the zipper breaks the tent is junk, so it’s worth the extra investment.
  • Thick tent material
    • Nearly all tents come lined with reflective mylar. Some walls are constructed with thicker outer materials. While thick tent material is important, it’s more likely your zipper will go before the tent walls. You can always cover small tears on both sides with black Gorilla tape to keep them from spreading.
  • Sturdy tent poles
    • Thick poles provide a firm structure to support heavy grow light hoods and carbon filters.
  • A viewing window
    • Helpful, but not essential. You can always just open the zipper.

You'll want to get a tall 2x2 grow tent if you're looking to flower cannabis plants.

Other considerations for 2×2 grow tents

When you buy your 2×2 grow tent, try to get as tall a tent as you can fit in your grow space. If you intend to mount your carbon filter and inline fan inside the tent above your grow light, there won’t be a lot of room. Consider a thin LED grow light for 2×2 tent setups, or locate the filter and fan outside of the tent.

When choosing the best 2×2 grow tent kit package for flowering cannabis plants, pay attention to tent quality. Light leaks are always an issue. Cheaper tents are fine for vegging plants since they don’t need to be lightproof, but you don’t want to risk light leakage in flowering.

The second biggest factor in picking the best 2×2 grow tent setup is the quality of the light. You need powerful grow light to yield quality weed, but you also need to control the resulting heat which is tougher in a small tent.

If you’re getting an LED light for 2×2 grow tent use, watch out for cheap kits with low quality LEDs. The diodes alone used by a quality LED grow light usually cost more than entire cheap LED fixtures. But you’re paying for quality, so getting the best light you can afford will ensure many years of happy returns.

We hope you found this info helpful when trying to pick the best 2×2 grow tent for your needs. Have fun growing some killer weed!

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