What is the best humidity level to cure marijuana buds?

Looking to learn the best humidity level to cure marijuana? You’ve come to the right place.

After drying your buds, it’s important that you store your buds at the ideal humidity level while you cure marijuana to ensure your plants reach their full potential.

Curing your marijuana buds is one of the most important factors in determining plant quality, appearance, smell, taste, and potency. Learn everything you need to know about how to cure marijuana.

The best humidity level for curing marijuana: 60-65%

Once your weed has finished drying you're ready to begin the curing process. These jars of the AK-47 weed strain use hygrometers to monitor humidity levels throughout curing.
Once your weed has finished drying you’re ready to begin the curing process. These jars of the AK-47 weed strain use hygrometers to monitor humidity levels throughout curing.

The best humidity level for curing marijuana is around 60-65%.

After you you harvest your plants, you’ll typically dry them for 5-10 days. Once dry, buds are placed into glass jars or other containers for 2 weeks of curing and long term storage.  Each day you’ll burp your jars, opening them for 15 minutes or so, which dries the outside of the buds enough to draw the remaining moisture our from the inside. This is the curing process.

Using a hygrometer to monitor humidity in the jar makes it easy to keep your humidity levels in the ideal range. Hygrometers have become very inexpensive, so many growers purchase several so they can monitor multiple jars at once.

Keeping curing marijuana at the optimal humidity level allow for the plant compounds to properly break down. Flavor and aroma will continually improve through the curing process if humidity is kept at the right levels.

You should cure weed in a glass or stainless steel curing container to keep an airtight seal. Avoid plastic curing containers if possible, they can impart a “plastic” taste and smell. Learn more about choosing the best jars to cure weed.

Correcting humidity issues in marijuana

As part of the marijuana curing process, for the first two weeks you need to open the jar lids daily to let in fresh air. Keep them open for 15 minutes, or longer if they seem too damp.  The best temperature to cure marijuana is at room temperature, around 65-70 F degrees. Your goal is to keep the humidity level at 60-65%.

It’s common to run into issues during curing where your jar is too dry or too wet. Thankfully it’s fairly easy to correct humidity issues with curing marijuana if you catch them quickly.

How to raise humidity: marijuana is too dry

If your marijuana becomes too dry during curing (or if you dried your marijuana too much) it will become dry and crumbly.

The best solution for dry and crumbly marijuana would be to use Boveda 62% humidity packs or Boveda 58% humidity packs in your jars to provide moisture. Monitor your curing jars carefully and remove packs when humidity returns to desired levels.

Boveda 62% humidity packs: a word of warning

Boveda Humidipacks can help restore moisture to overdried weed. Boveda 58 and Boveda 62 Humidipacks are the most commonly used humidity percentages for drying marijuana.
Boveda Humidipacks can help restore moisture to overdried weed. Boveda 58 and Boveda 62 Humidipacks are the most commonly used humidity percentages for drying marijuana. Click this image to find the lowest price on Amazon for a Boveda 62% 10-pack.

A word of warning – never us Boveda humidity packs during the first few weeks of curing unless absolutely necessary. Don’t put them in there “just in case”. The terpine profile of your weed can be affected by the too early introduction of Boveda packs, and flavor can be reduced.

Boveda packs say they provide two-way humidity control, meaning that they can reduce humidity if it is too high in addition to raising humidity was to low. But that was not the case in my experience at all.

The buds using Boveda humidity packs cured too wet, and although the effects were very good the flavor profile and taste was inferior to buds in different jars from the same crop that didn’t use the humidity packs. The buds also didn’t stay lit well. They needed to be dried for a day or two outside of the jar before use to burn better.

Bottom line: Boveda 62% humidity packs can be a lifesaver for buds that dry out, but if not used properly they will prevent your buds from tasting and smoking their best. It’s best to do a careful job with drying and curing so that you stay in the ideal humidity range so you don’t need to worry about re-humidifying your weed.

How to lower humidity: marijuana is too wet

Marijuana that is too wet runs the risk of forming mold. Mold will ruin the whole jar, so you should always make the effort to monitor the humidity your buds closely. A hygrometer is cheap insurance against potentially ruining a whole jar of bud that you worked so hard to grow.

The best way to ensure your marijuana isn’t too wet is to properly dry it before curing.  Learn all you need to know about drying marijuana in our how to dry marjuana tutorial.

how to flush weed plantsNew growers may be at risk to under-dry buds, so it’s important to take the time to understand proper drying techniques.

Each day in the curing process when you check your weed (or if your hygrometer shows a problem) you should inspect buds for moisture content. If buds feel damp or wet or the humidity approaches 70% you should leave the top of the jar off and let the buds dry out. Never reseal moist buds in your jar or you risk mold!

Your jar shouldn’t bee more than 3/4 full. Allow room for air. Shake your buds gently in the jar each day. If your buds seem to stick together then you know things are too damp. Loosen them up and then leave the top off a bit.

Shaking the jar prevents any damp spots from forming, which could result in mold in an otherwise not-too-humid jar. Don’t shake too hard though, especially with dry buds, or you’ll start knocking trichomes off of the plants and impacting their appearance and potency.

If your buds are really wet, over 70% humidity, place them on a piece of cardboard outside of the jar until they are dry to the touch. This could take up to a full day depending on how wet they are. Once dried, stick them back in the jar. At this point check the jar multiple times a day to make sure the problem is resolved.

Always smell your buds when checking the jar. Newly cut buds smell more like cut grass or hay then actual marijuana. The terpine profile will improve as they cure. But if you ever smell something foul like ammonia it means you have a problem and should dry them out.

Never intentionally keep buds wet to grow mold

Never intentionally keep buds wet in order to grow mold. Why do we even need to mention this? Some people claim that doing this will make them more potent. It won’t. If smoking mold gave desirable effects then lots of people would smoke it all the time.

Breathing in mold spores intentionally is never a good idea. Smoking them is worse.

This rumor has been around for a long time. In his 60’s counterculture survival guide “Steal This Book” Abbie Hoffman recommends burying weed underground to grow mold in order to make it more potent. A few months hibernation in a plastic bag underground, according to Hoffman, will produce a “mouldy grass that is far fuckin’ out.” Bad advice then. Worse advice now. Man.


Humidity levels play an important role in growing marijuana. You’ll need to maintain the proper humidity for growing weed throughout the growth cycle. If you’re looking to get the most out of the buds you grew, then it’s important to know the best humidity level to cure marijuana buds.

Keeping buds at 60-65% relative humidity will ensure a proper cure to bring out the best appearance, flavor, and taste. Wet buds should be dried before resuming curing, and dry buds should be moistened with Boveda 62% humidity packs.

If you want to learn more about humidity and the proper way to cure marijuana, check out of full guide on how to cure marijuana.