How much Canna Cannazym should be used to grow marijuana in coco coir?

Cannazym is an enzyme additive that hastens the breaking down of dead roots for weed growing in coco. But how much Cannazym should be used to grow marijuana in coco coir?

Cannazym dosage and feeding schedule: when to use

The Cannazym label instructions recommend using it every time you water your pot plants, or at least once per week. Whether the “every time” suggestion is truly necessary for plant health or just a good way for Canna to sell more product isn’t clear. But I generally use it every time I water, sometimes at half strength to save money. I cut it completely 2 weeks before harvest, at which point I usually start my final flush.

Canna’s dosage recommendations on the Cannazym label indicate that you use .3 oz. of Cannazym per gallon of water (or 25 mL per 10 L of water) to grow weed in coco coir. If you’re measuring ml to gallons of water, use 10ml of cannazym per gallon, or 50ml for a 5 gallon bucket.

If you’re growing in coco coir, here’s a helpful Canna Coco A & B feed schedule that will show you all of the nutrients to mix to run Canna’s line of coco nutrients alongside Cannazyme. It’s typically used in coco grows along with Canna Coco A & B, Canna Rhizotonic, CannaBoost, Canna PK13/14, and also a CalMag supplement.

When to use Cannazym

Cannazym can be used through the entire life of a pot plant. You can begin using in your growing medium such as coco coir as soon as you transplant your clones or your seeds have rooted. It should be used through the vegetative grow cycle and for flowering up until the final flush during the last week or two of the plant’s life. As soon as your plant is rooted you’re all set to start adding cannazym to your nutrient mix.

How many mL of Cannazym per gallon of water

Since the side of the Cannazym bottle’s measuring opening shows measurements in mL and many growers water using 5 gallon buckets, the Cannazym label instructions recommend of using .3 ounces per gallon are a bit difficult to apply. Many growers want to know how many mL of Cannazym should be used per gallon of water.

According to a custom nutrient chart for Canna Coco nutrients on their website, you should use 48 mL of Cannazym per 5 gallons of water to grow marijuana in coco coir.

Since their Cannazym feeding schedule recommends using it either every time or once a week, you could try using half that amount each time you water and see good results: 25 mL per 5 gallons.  This equals 5 mL per gallon at half strength, or 10 mL for each gallon at full strength.

Now that you know how much Canna Cannazym should be used to grow marijuana in coco coir, learn more about what Cannazym does to improve the health of your weed plants.

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