How to use CannaBoost to grow better weed plants

CannaBoost  is a flowering supplement for marijuana that claims to boost overall bud size weight and potency. We’ve had good results with it. We’ll show you how to use CannaBoost to maximize the quality and quantity of your indoor weed plants.

CannaBoost is used across the entire line of Canna supplements for growing weed. Pot growers using coco coir will run the Canna Coco line of nutrients, which commonly consist of Canna A and Canna B, Cannazym (beneficial enzymes), Canna Rhizotonic (root stimulant), Canna PK 13/14 (Phosphorus and Potassium used during flowering), and good old CannaBoost.

CannaBoost is used for all waterings in the flowering cycle per the Canna site’s instructions. Or you can wait until the flowers start to form about 2 weeks after flipping to 12-12 lighting to induce flowering.  CannaBoost is much more expensive than the other nutrients in the Canna Coco line, in many growers wonder if buying CannaBoost is worth it?

Is CannaBoost worth the money?

Typically the price I’ve seen across Hydro shops is about $80 for 1 L of CannaBoost (it’s a bit cheaper on amazon, see links above for the current lowest price). The dosage for a CannaBoost is 40 mL per 5 gallons of water. So for each 5 gallon bucket you fill up, you will use approximately $3.20, assuming the cost is eight cents per milliliter.

Is CannaBoost worth the money? We’ve had good results, nice crystally results. Powder white trichome blanket results. So we’re going to keep using it, despite the cost.

How much CannaBoost should be used?

According to Canna’s instructions, CannaBoost should be used at a dosage of 40-80ml per each 5 gallon bucket of water. Doubling the dosage is your call, but you’ll spend twice as much – so I don’t do it.

I often run most of my Canna Coco nutrients and a bit lower than the recommended dosage.  I run slightly under for Canna A/B, which I have found I need to do to hit Canna’s recommended PPM levels in their “Light Feeding” schedule.  I sometimes run half strength for Cannazyme (25 ml per 5 gallon bucket instead of the recommended 46 ml) to save money. I run 25ml for Rhizotonic during veg (nstead of 38 ml recommended) and usually back down to 8ml of Rhizo during the first 5 weeks of flower, then I stop altogether since the roots are in good shape by then.

For CannaBoost however I run this at the recommended 38 ml per each 5 gallons of water that was on the Canna Coco “light” feeding schedule.

I have always used CannaBoost during my Coco Coir grows. Each time the buds have been very  sticky with a nice thick white layer of trichomes. At this point I wouldn’t consider not using Boost, unless I absolutely couldn’t afford it.

While my anecdotal evidence has been the CannaBoost works very well to facilitate but growth and development, it is by no means a scientific way of making this determination.

A proper experiment using several controlled plants not using Boost, several using half strength, and several others using it full strength would be a great way to tell the exact effects of Boost on flowering weed. But there’s no way I would bother risking having a couple crappy plants during a run because I wanted to cheap out on three dollars of the boost for each watering. If you’ve tried such an experiment on the same strain we’d love to hear how it worked out, please let us know.

Or if you’ve tried doubling boost on a plant to compare it to regular strength doses. I’ll have to remember to try that, short-term memory loss be damned.

Caana Boost is used during the flowering stage of marijuana growth in order to improve the quality of your buds
Caana Boost is used during the flowering stage of marijuana growth in order to improve the quality of your buds.

What is CannaBoost?

According to the Canna website, CannaBoost is “a liquid metabolism elicitor with high energy content, and without any added plant growth regulators.”

By speeding up marijuana plants’ metabolism, you allow the plants to increase their nutrient uptake. Some of CannaBoost’s active ingredients are carbohydrates that are by-products derived from the production of bio ethanol and yeast, and through the fermentation of molasses (from sugar cane, sugar beet, and palm).

The resulting saccharides are fermented to remove simple sugars. The resulting product is CannaBoost, a thick blend of saccharides, proteins, amino acids, and other compounds.  The process takes a long time and is very involved according to the Canna site, involving many steps and the introduction of specific microorganisms, which in turn contributes to the expensive price tag.

Alongside a balanced nutrient schedule, a flowering booster optimizes the plant’s feeding process and allows the plant to grow to it’s full potential.

Is molasses a substitute for CannaBoost?

Manny growers use molasses as an additive when watering weed during the flower cycle. Molasses is the byproduct of sugar production, and contains many carbohydrates that are very beneficial for marijuana bud development during flowering.

CannaBoost does look somewhat similar to molasses, although much less thick. But the dark syrupy appearance  invites the question on whether molasses can be used as a substitute for CannaBoost.   Or can CannaBoost be used alongside molasses.

One thing to consider when asking the question of CannaBoost vs. molasses is that there are many other things in Boost beyond what molasses can offer. At least the Canna site will tell you so. Molasses is much cheaper. I don’t like having to spend money on Boost, but I can’t justify switching to molasses and risking an inferior crop. So I’ll probably never find out in a pure a/b test scenario. As a grower friend remarked when I asked if he ever used molasses to enhance flowering, “that shit’s for old hippies.” So who knows.

When should CannaBoost be used?

CannaBoost should be used during the entire flowering cycle according to the directions Canna provides. Lately I’ve been waiting to use CannaBoost until I see flower begin to form, about 2 weeks after I induce flowering by switching to 12-12 lighting.

When you flip the light cycle to 12 hours on to facilitate flowering, you should start adding CannaBoost to your water. You should continue to use it even through the final week of your plants Flowering stage, when typically most growers will flush with plain water.  You should continue to use during the flush as well, these enzymes only help to improve the taste and smell of the bud during the flower ripening process.

Should you use CannaBoost during the vegetative growth stage?

It is a complete waste of money to use CannaBoost during the vegetative period of growth of your marijuana plants. Boost is meant to be used only during the flowering cycle, that is when it is beneficial to the plants. Using CannaBoost during vegetation is silly, you’re literally just pouring your money down the drain.

Can I use CannaBoost as a flowering booster alongside nutrients lines from other companies?

Well, the sales folks over at Canna certainly would appreciate users of other lines of nutrients used Boost for their grows.

Yes, Boost can be used with other lines of nutrients from other nutrient companies. You may want to make sure that you’re not using something similar that may potentially interact with it, but in general Boost is safe to use alongside all nutrient lines.


CannaBoost is an additive use during the flowering cycle of marijuana plants as part of the Canna line of nutrients. It allows buds to develop fuller and more potent with a sweeter taste .

CannaBoost is somewhat expensive at all over three dollars per 5 gallon of water, but the results that I have seen definitely justify this expense. The stickiness of my grows seems to be better than other growers’ results with the same strain, and it seems like CannaBoost is well worth the money in my experience.

Make this article better

If you have done a controlled experiment with some plants using CannaBoost and some not, we would love to hear your results so we can share them here. Please send us a note, we’d be happy to feature you.. We are very much interested to find out just how much better marijuana grown with Canna Boost does compared to non-Boost weed plants.

How to use CannaBoost to grow better weed plants
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How to use CannaBoost to grow better weed plants
We'll show you how to use CannaBoost to maximize the quality and quantity of your indoor weed plants. Learn proper dosage for using Boost.
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