Rhizotonic dosage: How much Canna Rhizotonic per gallon (or liter) for growing marijuana

Canna Rhizotonic helps develop strong, healthy root systems for weed plants. In this post we’ll discuss dosage amounts for Canna Rhizotonic to build strong root so your weed plants can reach their full potential.

We’ll show you how much Canna Rhizotonic per gallon (or liter) to use for for different stages of the cannabis growth cycle: seedlings/clones, vegetation, and flowering weed plants. We’ll also discuss using Rhizotonic as a foliar spray to further stimulate root growth.

How much Rhizotonic should you use for weed plants?

Here is the recommended Canna Rhizotonic feeding schedule for marijuana plants:

  1. For new clones or transplanted plants pretreat medium and continue to apply until a strong root system has developed. For seedlings, pretreat growing medium and continue to apply after seed germinates.
    • Use 15 ml per gallon of water (1:250 ratio)
    • Use 8 ml Rhizotonic for a half gallon of water
    • Use 75 ml Rhizotonic per 5 gallons of water
  2. Canna Rhizotonic feed schedule shows you how many ml per gallon or litre to use

  3. For vegetating plants with established roots, descrease dosage to 7 ml/gallon.
  4. For flowering plants use 2 ml per gallon (1:2000 ratio) after a strong root system has developed. Or cut use out completely if you want to save some money.

If you’re using liters to measure your nutrient solution, then you’d use 4 ml/litre of Rhizotonic for clones, transplants and seedlings. Use 2ml per litre for vegetating plants with established roots.

Rhizotonic comes in the following sizes:

The 1 liter size is enough for a few runs of 4-6 plants, and is a much better value than the 250 ml size.

How to use Rhizotonic as a foliar spray

A pump spray bottle is perfect for applying Canna Rhizotonic as a foliar spray.To maximize results you can use Rhizotonic as a foliar spray in addition to watering it into your growing medium.

Using it as a foliar spray with a small pump sprayer will really cut down on the expense of using this product compared to watering it into the growing medium. Cannabis plants’ leaves can absorb it effectively and you’ll use much less water with a foliar application.

Canna recommends using the same ratio of Rhizotonic for foliar feedings as with liquid feedings, which is 15 ml/gallon or 4 ml per liter. ForTo mix up a small bottle of foliar spray, you should use 2 ml of Rhizotonic to each pint of water.

Apply to both sides of the leaves. Avoid spraying foliar sprays when the lights are on.

Using Rhizotonic to soak cannabis seeds

Rhizotonic can help speed up germination if you soak seeds prior to planting. It softens up the skin of the seed, making it easier for it to burst through and germinate.

Dilute Rhizotonic to 4 ml per quart or liter of water to soak seeds. Make sure to lightly saturate your growing medium with Rhizotonic at 15 ml per quart to prepare it for fast root growth.

How to use Rhizotonic in coco coir or soil

The 5 liter jug of Canna Rhizotonic is good when you need to develop strong root growth in a lot of cannabis plants.Rhizotonic helps transplanted their plants recover quickly and grow strong roots in coco coir or soil. Rhizo will help the roots grow into the new medium faster.

Rhizotonic helps clones clones growing in coco coir or hydroponic solutions to stimulate root development. Use the ratio described above of 1:250, or 15 ml per gallon, in a watering solution without any additional nutrients. Rhizotonic works best when applied in a low PPM solution. Once initial root mass has developed then you can add in a light nutrient mix while maintaining the 15 ml/gallon Rhizotonic dosage.

Rhizotonic works best when the water is at a low EC or PPM, so for the first week of cloning in coco coir you can achieve this by limiting other nutrients in your watering mix. Once roots have appeared you will need to start adding a balanced fertilizer (such as Canna A and B if you’re running the full Canna nutrient line) to provide the necessary nutrition for your growing plants.

Since growing marijuana in coco coir requires that you water to runoff of around 10-20%, you’ll literally be pouring your money down the drain. Using Rhizotonic as a foliar spray is a more cost-effective approach in drain-to-waste setups.

Rhizotonic can also be used with hydroponic systems or cloning machines to stimulate root growth in cannabis plants.  The same application strength outlined above would apply.

What is Rhizotonic?

The 250 ml bottle of Canna Rhizotonic is good if you're just using it as a foliar spray.

Canna Rhizotonic is used to help marijuana plants develop a healthy root system. Rhizotonic stimulates root growth on cannabis clone cuttings and transplants and is great for use on cloned weed plants or young plants grown from seed.

Rhizotonic is an algae-based vegetative root stimulator for marijuana plants. It is 100% natural and contains 60 microbiological substances and vitamins such as B1 and B2.

It stimulates the production of hormones and root growth, resulting in strong white roots. To maximize yield in cannabis plants it is critical to develop your rooting system early so that a healthy root structure is fully established when you flip your weed plants into flowering.

Canna rhizotonic has minimal nutritional value for cannabis. The NPK ratio is 0-0-0.6.  Rhizotonic will slightly increase the pH of your nutrient solution, so make sure to do your pH adjustment after you add it in.

Since the 1 liter bottle or 250 ml bottle is clear plastic, store in a dark place away from the brightness of your grow light. It also comes in 5 liter and 10 liter jugs that are light-proof.

Rhizotonic dosage: How much Canna Rhizotonic per gallon (or liter) for growing marijuana
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Rhizotonic dosage: How much Canna Rhizotonic per gallon (or liter) for growing marijuana
Learn how much Rhizotonic per gallon (or liter) to use for seedlings, clones, vegetating, and flowering weed plants. We'll also discuss using Rhizotonic as a foliar spray to further stimulate root growth.
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