Rhizotonic dosage: How much Canna Rhizotonic should I use for growing marijuana

Wondering how much Canna Rhizotonic to use to grow strong root systems for your marijuana plants? Healthy root systems make for potent weed plants. We’ll help you understand the best dosage for Canna Rhizotonic so that your weed plants will grow strong and healthy. You’ll learn about applying Rhizontonic as a foliar spray, how to use Rhizo for weed plants growing in coco coir, and what Rhizo does.

How to use Canna Rhizotonic

How much Rhizotonic should you use?

Here is a basic feeding schedule for using Rhizotonic:

  1. For new clones looking to develop roots or transplants, use 15 mL per gallon of water (1:250 ratio) until a strong root system has developed. This means you’d use 75 ml per 5 gallons of water. Or more likely if you’re just growing a few clones you’d need a much smaller amount of water. A half gallon of water would use 8 mL of rhizotonic at this ratio.
  2. Decrease ratio to 2  ml per gallon (1:2000) after a strong root system has developed. Or cut use out completely if you want to save some money.

How to use Rhizotonic as a foliar spray

Knowing how to use rhizotonic as a foliar spray will really cut down on the expense of using this product. The plants’ leaves can absorb Rhizo effectively and you’ll use much less water with a foliar application.

Use the same ratio of Rhizotonic for foliar feedings as with liquid feedings, 1:250. To mix up a small bottle of foliar spray, you should use 2 mL of Rhizotonic to each pint of water.

How to use Rhizotonic in coco coir

Rhizotonic is useful for growers using coco coir who have just transplanted their plants. Rhizo will help the roots expand across the new medium. You can also use Rhizotonic for clones growing in coco coir to stimulate root development. Using the ratio described above of 1:250 in a watering solution without any additional nutrients will stimulate growth the fastest.

Rhizotonic works best when the water is at a low EC or PPM, so for the first week of cloning in coco coir you can achieve this by limiting other nutrients in your watering mix. Once roots have appeared you will need to start adding a balanced fertilizer such as Canna A and B to provide the necessary nutrition for your growing plants.

Since growing marijuana in coco coir requires that you water to runoff of at least 20% to cut down stored nutrient salts in the coco, you’ll literally be pouring your money down the drain. Using Rhizotonic as a foliar spray is a more cost-effective approach.

Rhizotonic can also be used in soil grows as well as other hydro grows.  It is useful for growing marijuana seeds in addition to clones. The same application strength would apply.

What is Rhizotonic?

Canna Rhizotonic is used to help marijuana plants develop a healthy root system. Rhizotonic stimulates root growth on cuttings and transplants and is great for use on cloned weed plants or young plants grown from seed.

Rhizotonic is an algae based vegetative stimulator for marijuana plant roots. It 100% natural and contains 60 microbiological substances that speed up growth of the plants’ root structure. Healthy root structure is a must for strong, robust plants.