Is Canna Boost worth the money for growing marijuana in coco coir?

Canna Boost has helped me produce some really high quality buds. But it certainly isn’t cheap. Is Canna Boost worth the money?

After many runs running the Canna Coco line I’ve seen some impressive results from Canna Boost. Nice thick blankets of trichomes on the buds and sugar leaves, producing some potent plants that delivered with great taste and strong highs. I won’t grow with out it.  And I won’t risk running even one plant without it to do an A/B test.

Buds grown with cannaboost tend to have a sweet flavor. Compared to some friends’ weed grown from the same cloned strain, everyone found the more sweet flavor of the Canna Boost flowers very pleasing.

Learn how to use Canna Boost with dosage instructions

How much will it cost to grow weed using Canna Boost

Typically the price of Canna Boost in  Hydro shops is about $80 for 1 L. It’s always a bit cheaper on Amazon, see links below for the current lowest price.

The dosage for a CannaBoost is 40 mL per 5 gallons of water. So for each 5 gallon bucket you fill up, you will use approximately $3.20, assuming the cost is eight cents per milliliter or $80/liter.

Is CannaBoost worth the money? We’ve had good results, nice crystally results. Powder white trichome blanket results. Sweet flavor you take a few extra dry hits off of before lighting your joint. So we’re going to keep using it, despite the cost.

We’ve had great success using CannaBoost to grow marijuana in coco coir. To the point that we wouldn’t consider trying anything else. Compared to the same cannabis genetics grown without Boost, the appearance, flavor, and potency of the Boost-enhanced plants was impressive.

Sure, Boost is expensive. The most expensive part of the Canna Coco line for sure.

But for the small home grower flowering 4-6 plants, getting a 1 Liter bottle of Canna Boost will cost you around $80 bucks online. It’s in the 100 range at a few hydro stores we’ve visited.

Given the expense of the equipment, supplies, nutrients, and the sheer time you invest in your home grow, cheaping out on a proven flower enhancer isn’t a good idea. The return on your investment comes in the form of high quality buds.

So we feel that Canna Boost is worth the expense. Give it a try.