Hash butter recipe: how to make cannabutter from hash

In this post we’ll show you how to make cannabis butter with hash. Growers can easily get bunch of hash from trim, flowers, or popcorn buds. Use this hash butter recipe to make potent edibles that will send you flying.

Since THC is fat soluble, making cannabutter with hash is a great way to add THC to your favorite recipe that calls for butter.

You can also add hash to a canna butter machine (such as the Magic Butter Machine) to automate the process. But it’s easy enough to do yourself.

Hash cannabutter recipe

  1. Decarboxylate 2 grams of hash to activate the psychoactive THC. Bake it at 250° for 25-30 minutes. Read how to decarb hash to learn more.
  2. Melt 1 stick of butter in a saucepan. Powderize the decarbed hash and add to pan. (How much? see below)
  3. Cook on low heat 5 minutes. Simmer gently while breaking any chunks of hash with a spatula. Try to incorporate it into the butter. Simmer gently so the butter lightly bubbles, but don’t allow to cook too much,
  4. Remove from heat. Your hash butter can be used right away, or stored in the refrigerator in a mason jar or other container with a tight seal.

Don’t simmer at too high a heat or your butter will brown and take on a nutty flavor. Browned hash butter is great on pasta — add salt and parm!  But it’s not so great for weed brownies or other sweet edibles. Remember, you’re just looking to dissolve the hash in the butter and simmer for a few minutes. You’ve already activated the THC in the decarb process, so it doesn’t have to cook for an extended period of time.

It makes sense to take a measured amount right away to test potency. Start with a little on a piece or toast, or more if you can handle your shit. Do it on an empty stomach to speed things up and give a more accurate reading.

Wait a few hours to fully gauge results, never eat a bunch more a half hour later or risk overdoing it. Hash butter can punch hard when overdone.

How much hash should you use?

This can vary based upon how strong you want the butter to be and how much you’re cooking.

Unless you know the exact THC percentage of your hash, you can estimate that high quality hash (straw white to light yellow, usually screened at 73 or 90 microns) has about 30% THC. Less pure material has a lower percentage.

One stick of canna butter, 300 mg THC

One gram of hash (1000 mg) at 30% would have 300 mg THC — assuming you decarb properly and extract all the psychoactive cannabinoids.  So if you need one stick for a hash brownie recipe, combine that with 2 grams of hash. This gives you 600 mg THC total.  Divide into 20 servings for 30 mg brownies, or 4o for 15 mg.

A far more potent option: two sticks of butter, 3000 mg THC total

It’s also possible to make much more potent cannabis butter with hash, and then use just a small amount in recipes.

For example, combine 10 grams of hash with 2 sticks of butter. Divide into 10 equal portions, totaling 300mg each. For that same brownie recipe calling for one stick of butter total, you’d just add regular butter alongside the small portion of cannabutter to get the same result.

The huge bonus here is that while the taste of the canna butter is more pronounced at higher potencies, you use far less of it in the recipe so the overall effect is the edibles taste even milder.

The risk is that you miscalculate the dosage and overdo it. For first-timers, using the 1 stick / 300 mg approach above is a much safer option. Many a hardo has overdone edibles with regret. Myself included.

A note about using this recipe if you don’t have access to hash. If you have leftover sugar leave trim from your weed plants and aren’t able or are unwilling to extract the kief, you can always skip a bunch of steps and make cannabutter with trimmings. But it’s much cleaner tasting when you remove green material and avoid the chlorophyll taste. We always make our edibles with hash or concentrates like shatter for this reason.

Using decarbed hash is essential step to make potent edibles using hash butter.
Using decarbed bubble hash is essential when learning how to make cannabutter from bubble hash.

Edibles recipes for hash canna butter

Once you’ve finished the hash butter recipe above then the real fun begins. How should you use it?

We’ve tried cooking a variety of recipes for weed edibles, and here are a few edibles recipes for bubble hash that are easy to make and very delicious. These recipes for bubble hash edibles can be made at varying strengths based upon how much bubble hash you use per stick of butter in your cannabutter.

  • Weed brownies made with dry ice hash
    • These fudge weed brownies in this recipe are made with kief extracted by being sifted with dry ice, and the exact same preparation works great for cannabutter made with bubble hash.
  • Snowball weed cookies AKA Russian tea cake weed edibles
    • These sugar-coated snowball cookies in this cannabutter recipe are very simple to make and they taste amazing.  It’s best to make them low-potency since you’ll want to eat a bunch.
  • Weed pancakes recipe (from scratch)
  • THC-infused maple syrup
    • Something sweet just got a little sweeter. A rich, buttery topping that’ll get you blasted.

Once you know how to make cannabutter from hash you can use it in a variety of other ways.

Keep in a tight jar in your fridge for easy access. Add to toast or top pancakes to add some zip to your morning. Cold winter days are warmed up by a steaming mugs of hot buttered rum topped with cannabutter by a cozy fireplace. I’ve never put it on popcorn but goddamn I might. Image if theaters pumped that out of their butter dispensers.

Enjoy this hash butter recipe but make sure to keep your edibles out of the hands of kids. Store safely! And consume frequently!!!

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